Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Mary's Books

Do you want to learn more about Mary MacKillop? Or, perhaps you want to see more of her, but are not sure where to start.

As much as we love Google it can only take us so far, the Internet doesn’t have all the information we want, at least not yet, it certainly doesn’t have all the pictures we want, and sometimes there is just no replacement for sitting back with a good book about a great woman.

Mary MacKillop Melbourne highly recommends:
“Gift of Mary MacKillop” by Colleen O'Sullivan RSJ

“Mary MacKillop: A Tribute” edited by Andrew Wilson."

“Seasons of Grace: Praying with Mary MacKillop” by Genevieve Ryan RSJ

“The Black Dress” by Pamela Freeman

“Mary MacKillop Unveiled” by Lesley O'Brien

And we all know good recommendations are nothing without information about where to get our hands on them:

Where to Buy:

Mary MacKillop Place Shop

Honeysett Press

Pauline Books and Media

Central Catholic Bookshop

In Person in Melbourne:

The Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre, located at 362 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, which is just a short walk from St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Pauline Books and Media located at 7 Denmark Hill Road, East Hawthorn, Victoria.

Central Catholic Bookshop located alongside St Francis’ Church at 322 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Where to Borrow:

The State Library of Victoria has a massive range of Mary MacKillop books; about her, her spirituality, her projects and her sisters.

The University of Melbourne Library has a great collection of Mary MacKillop books for those currently studying or working at the University.

Local council and parish libraries are also a great place to look.

Image: Book cover from "Mary MacKillop: A Tribute."*